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  • Piet, John H. (Christian Literature Society for India, Madras, 1952)
    Even though the Saiva Siddhanta is predominantly a Tamil philosophy, much of its terminology is of Sanskrit origin. Sanskrit words, therefore, have been, transliterated according to the Sanskrit chart, while Tamil words ...
  • (Thomas Nelson , New York, 1903)
  • (Head quarters kingsway, Delhi, 1959)
  • Abhedananda (Ramakrishna Vedanta Math, Calcutta, 1952)
    Most startling are the similarities that exist between the fundamental principles of modern Christian Science and those of that ancient system of philosophy known in India as Vedanta.
  • Dange, Shripad Amrit (People`s Pub. House, New Delhi, 1961)
    India is one of those countries in the world, which became centres of man's civilisation, in the most ancient times. It is one of the seven countries in the world, where food plants originated, were picked up by man and ...

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